i am. strength

i am. strength. i am. endurance. i am. thankful. today i have a job. today i am. bringing home money to my family. today my family will eat. these brick aren’t light but they don’t weigh anything compared to the load i carry daily. how i am going to feed my family tomorrow if they don’t ask me back? how will i pay for my children to get an education? will my son do better in life than i did? i will be thankful for today. i will work hard so they do ask me to come back tomorrow. i am. strength. i am. endurance. i will keep going, step after step, stair after stair.

i am. strength. i am. endurance.

From Robb:

This was my favorite shot from the trip. At first I thought I missed it. At first I thought he made it by but at the last second he turned and looked down the stairs right into my lens. This man and the few others tirelessly carried load after load of bricks up to the third story of the boys orphanage being built in Itarsi, India for the House of Hope and Central India outreach. The whole time I was there I never saw them stop or take a break. They just worked. It seemed endless. I watched in fascination as they continued to haul the bricks. I don’t think I could have lasted thirty minutes. They lasted hours.

I was so inspired by their work ethic. They work 10 times harder than I do and don’t complain. I complain all the time. I got a massage at the airport that cost more than they make in a month. They have probably never had a massage.  They work sun up to sun down. I am running out the door of my office at 5:01pm. They work 7 days a week. I have the weekends off. They do what they are told without question and do it the first time. I always try to find the easier way. All my needs are met, I eat good food, I sleep in a comfortable bed, I have a job that sustains my lifestyle. This man and the others go without food all day at least one day a week, they sleep on a dirt floor or bug infested straw mattress, they don’t have a lifestyle, or even know what one is. They work to eat and to keep a roof over their head. Everything else is secondary and doesn’t matter.

We can learn a lot from men like this. If I took the opportunity I have in the great country and combined it with their work ethic, I could single-handedly change the world (with God’s direction, of course). Even as I type this I ask myself, “Why don’t I?”


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